I’m a 20-something girl from southwest Iowa.  I love to bake – I cook too, but baking is where my passion lies.  I’ve been reading blogs with recipes for what seems like ages and have always loved the amazing things I see on them!

I decided it was time to start one, if not to share what I make, but so I can keep track of everything I’ve made as well!

I’ve been baking for a long time, and it’s part of my job, so I am always baking.  I don’t have any formal training other than learning on the job and having a mom who has many skills in the kitchen and has taught me so much.

My interests span well beyond baking, and who knows what will show up on this little blog.  I love watching movies, reading, listening to music, spending time with my family and friends, watching sports (yes, almost all sports) and more.  Being from Iowa I love the Iowa Hawkeyes and when it is college basketball season I have to watch every game.

As for the blondie, yep – I’m blonde, but I have been other colors as well, almost every other color.  I like them all, but I always come back to blonde.

Hopefully you’ll find something yummy here and come back and visit again!

If you have any questions or comments – email me at cwilmeth@gmail.com


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