Creamy No Bake Cheesecake


This cheesecake is so delicious and incredibly easy. It takes maybe 10 minutes to whip up, if that. I made this cheesecake on Mother’s Day for dessert. Everyone loved it. Toppings such as any pie filling or fruit can be easily added. I prefer the cheesecake by itself, so I left the whole pan plain, and let my family add the toppings they wanted.

This recipe is from an old cookbook my mom has. It is simple to whip up, even simpler with a store bought crust. The crust is simple to whip up as well though.

Creamy No Bake Cheesecake

3c. Graham cracker crumbs
1/2c. Sugar
1/2c. Melted butter
Mix together and press in 9×13 pan. Reserve some crumbs for the top, if desired. Bake 5 minutes

12oz. Cream cheese
1c. Powdered sugar
16oz. Cool whip (any flavor)
Whip all ingredients together until smooth. Spread over cooled crust. Refrigerate. Can top with pie filling if desired. Enjoy!


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